January 17, 2019

Why Saudi Arabia Can Never Be The King Of Solar

The often-used phrase “becoming all things to all people” may work well in many contexts but in the energy patch, particularly with Saudi Arabia, it’s falling […]
January 11, 2019

Saudi Arabia Closes $500 Million Wind Farm Deal

Saudi Arabia has made a first tangible step to generate electricity from sources other than oil and gas, awarding a contract on Thursday for the Kingdom’s […]
December 26, 2018

Reformist Prince In World’s Top Oil Exporter Saudi Arabia Dies

Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz, a senior member of the royal family in the world’s top oil exporter Saudi Arabia, who was a supporter of women’s rights, […]
December 10, 2018

Saudi Arabia To Cut Oil Exports By 1 Million Bpd Next Month

Saudi Arabia could reduce its daily crude oil shipments abroad by as much as 1 million barrels next month, Reuters reports, quoting unnamed sources close to […]
December 1, 2018

Saudi Arabia Squeezed As OPEC Meeting Nears

Oil prices dipped over the week, but the next few days will be volatile due to escalating geopolitical concerns and trade war tensions (Click to enlarge) […]
November 30, 2018

Khashoggi’s Revenge: Is Saudi Arabia Becoming A Pariah State?

The U.S. Senate took a dramatic step on Thursday, moving to block U.S. involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen and sending a powerful message to […]
November 28, 2018

Saudi Arabia Struggles As Oil Prices Crash

Oil prices are struggling to find a bottom, moving up on Monday but floundering in early trading on Tuesday. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click […]
November 23, 2018

Trump’s Impossible Decision Over Saudi Arabia

The chips are finally starting to fall in place for Saudi Arabia over the killing of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi last month. Early Thursday, Denmark […]
November 21, 2018

Saudi Arabia To Raise Oil Shipments To China

Saudi Arabia sealed deals with Chinese oil importers that will see the Kingdom’s exports to China rise to 1.67 million barrels daily in 2019, Reuters reports, […]